About Heather Karlsson

Heather Karlsson began her repair career back in 2001 as an apprentice in a now-defunct Dallas music store.  The original reason was simple: her plan upon graduating from the University of North Texas was to get a job with the Chicago Symphony, but alas, Larry never called.  (Let it be noted that she also has a gnat-like attention span when it comes to rehearsals, so this is probably for the best.)  As it turned out, Heather discovered that she enjoyed repairing instruments more than she did playing them.   After leaving her apprenticeship in 2004, she became a quality control consultant for an instrument factory in Beijing.  In 2007, she had the opportunity to open her own repair shop in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, and the rest is history! 

Heather specializes in repairing ornery clarinets and bass clarinets, and also taming unruly oboes, obstinate English horns, and rowdy bassoons.   She is an official dealer for Buffet-Crampon, Rico/D'Addario reeds and mouthpieces, Protec cases, and Gao Royal Musical Collection custom clarinets and accessories.  She also deals in used clarinets and occasionally gets some unusual instruments and accessories in and hosts invitation-only equipment trying parties and meet-the-artist/craftsperson events.

When she is not doing instrument repair, Heather is a keen cyclist who participates in several local bike rallies throughout the year, and has also recently taken up mountain biking (which is unfortunate for the local tree population).  She also enjoys fishing for large prehistoric predatory fish, practicing yoga, and watching British nature documentaries (David Attenborough being a special favorite in the Karlsson house). She lives and works in Carrollton with her husband and her two deranged house cats. 
specializing in woodwind repair